Paul McCartney’s brush with the law after condom gag: ‘Don’t want you to burn our houses!’

So dark was the room that even in the daytime, it was too dark to see inside. 

This is where the wheels started to fall off the bus. 

As playing in another club violated their contract, Koschmider terminated the deal and the band started moving their belongings out to an attic above the nearby Top Ten Club. 

Shortly before this all happened, 17-year-old George Harrison had already been deported for being underage, breaking Germany’s curfew laws by staying out past midnight to play in a club. 

Generally, back then as today, being in a club under the age of 18 was frowned upon and often illegal. 

By this point, John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe — then The Beatles’ bassist — had already moved out, leaving Sir Paul and Best to finish packing their things at two in the morning after a performance.