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Greetings! I’m David.

I’ve run conferences and meetups for the past decade and someone said I should publish my rants, tips, and tip rants in a newsletter. So that’s what i’m doing.

First off: THANK YOU for allowing someone like me into your inbox. I will be posting every email in the newsletter here on the site, although it might be delayed (those in the email would be first in line). But sometimes the last thing you need is another email – and I understand that.

What is mycamp.rocks? Well, camps is another word for conferences (WordCamps and DrupalCamps are the immediate examples) but they apply really to ANY social gathering. So no matter if it’s a meetup, a “camp”, a conference, hackathons, or something similar to any of these… there is SO much to think about no matter if you are volunteering, speaking, or just attending.

This is what you should expect in a single once a week:

Organizer Tips – Do you organize (or helping to organize or volunteer) any social event for your community? Perhaps it’s a local meetup, an online conference, or a WordCamp or physical conference. How do you get speakers? How can you improve organization? What about diversity? How do you keep such events safe, fresh, and enjoyable? How about sponsors?

Speaker Tips – Everyone wants to have their talks accepted but it seems to be difficult for many, and some frustration grows in those that can’t seem to make a foothold. Once you ARE accepted then one tends to devote attention to preparing and giving a “great” presentation (which means different things to different speakers). How do you attract a captive audience? How do you ask for the right kind of feedback?

Attendee Tips – Everyone at a conference is attending regardless if they helping to run the conference, speaking at it, or just sitting in the audience trying to get something out of it. Perhaps you want to know about asking questions to speakers? How to pick out best talks to attend?

Finally, just a quick note that i’ll be sharing resources and OTHER PEOPLE’S tips I tend to agree with. Won’t be just me.