Blind Spot


THERE are rumors the singer and the actor have been a thing even when the actor was still in a relationship with an actress, and this is reportedly why she broke up with him. Everything does seem to point to the fact that the singer and the actor are getting along well and their friendship is special. However, there is no indication that it has been going on for a while. Besides, the actor and the actress were reportedly never official. They just had a mutual understanding and their relationship purportedly didn’t have any labels. Also, the singer may be flirty with guys but it’s not her thing to ruin the relationships of others.


DURING a recent event where she was supposed to be the guest of honor, the actress arrived an hour late. The guests were already getting impatient and the hosts did everything they could to entertain them so they wouldn’t leave. It’s not about the actress being a diva. She really is just used to being late. The actress is actually a changed woman. She used to be difficult in her younger years but she has matured over time. Some old habits, such as being tardy, are hard to get rid of though. So, yes, the actress is always late.


IT seems the controversial starlet has been set-up by fans of another starlet so that she will appear to be a villain. The starlet has been vilified online because of her actions when the truth is, she is just a bystander. Fans of the second starlet are mad at the first starlet because they think she stole the other’s boyfriend. The boyfriend was not stolen because he really liked the controversial starlet from the beginning. He always treated the other starlet as a colleague. The controversial starlet’s ruin via lots of incriminating screenshots is the product of months of hard work of the other starlet’s digital-savvy fans. She can no longer defend herself because the other starlet is very popular online and has multitudes of fans.


THE young actress is again in trouble because of love. Years ago, the young actress, then a minor, got into a controversy because she gave in to the wishes of her boyfriend. Today, fans of a loveteam composed of the young actress and her onscreen partner have turned against her just because she was caught having a boyfriend. The young actress, in truth, never said she and her onscreen partner were ever a couple. So it’s very unfair of others to hate on her without getting her side of the story.