Grab merchant partners take the leap and grow

The growth of food businesses taking their presence online has been undisputed in the last couple of years, with many consumers now heavily reliant on food deliveries to satisfy their cravings. And when it comes to providing holistic support to its partners, Southeast Asia’s everyday superapp Grab is a platform that has been consistent in extending its support.

From making the transition to digitalization easier to providing the proper tools and resources needed, Grab merchant-partners 24 Chicken, PicaBean Coffee House, and Cafe Mary Grace have shown how Grab’s right combination of training, tools, and upskilling opportunities can open the door for businesses to grow and improve.

“We realized that some of our customers are not capable of visiting our physical store,” shares Mario Tan Jr., PicaBean Coffee House Operations Head, adding that their main reach used to be limited to walk-in customers.

With the opportunity to bring their presence online looking promising, they took the leap with Grab, from which they were immediately able to see how their brand became more accessible to a new and bigger audience simply through the app.

“Grab is our best, first partner,” shares Cafe Mary Grace Marketing Director Chiara Dimacali-Hugo. “They have the systems and expertise to go about delivery which was such a guiding hand for us when we took this leap of faith. By onboarding with them, our customers are able to get a hold of their Mary Grace fix without stepping out of the house,” she adds.

“With the Grab Merchant Portal, you can access helpful data that will help you improve your business,” shares Tan, noting that the categories of customer reviews and least popular items have been the most helpful and give insight to how their products can be improved.

As for Cafe Mary Grace, Dimacali-Hugo shares that GrabAds helped them easily manage their presence online to keep themselves at the forefront of their customers’ conscience.

“After a year or so of being with Grab, we explored advertising with the platform. After back and forth discussions with our team, we gave GrabAds a shot,” she shares. Dimacali-Hugo then goes on to share how, besides the increased visibility for Mary Grace, employing GrabAds has also allowed the well-loved family business to reach even new audiences with Grab.

24 Chicken Marketing Manager Jefferson Uy also shared about the marketing and financial savings they’ve gained from maximizing Grab’s Merchant Solutions (GMS).

“With GMS, we’re able to get a bigger audience to avail of our promos, and share the cost of this with Grab at the same time resulting in saved marketing costs. Additionally, the pop-up push button ads also get a lot of attention from customers,” says Uy.

Through these programs, Dimacali-Hugo, Tan, and Uy, have been able to not only maximize their presence online, but achieve the goals that started their businesses in the first place.

In particular, Dimacali-Hugo notes how onboarding with Grab has enabled Cafe Mary Grace to continue bringing comfort and warmth to their customers—the very goal they’ve always aspired to reach ever since starting out in bazaars in the 1990s.

With tools such as GrabAds, Grab Merchant Solutions, and Grab Merchant Portal, Grab ensures that its merchant-partners are well-supported and provided with the means to reach success in the digital world. To know more about the services and features extended by Grab, check out