Learn the science behind hair regrowth

Balding or hair loss in males can negatively impact one’s self-esteem. At least 50% of Filipino men would experience hair loss by the age of 40. Thus, we often witness our father, uncle, grandpa and even kumpares gradually becoming bald.

Considered the main root cause of hair loss in men, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT binds up in hair follicles, preventing them from receiving essential nutrients needed to produce healthy new hairs. Commonly, DHT’s precursor begins as testosterone in the body.

Products like Medic Hair For Men helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT safely and effectively. It combines organic ingredients that are essential in promoting male hair growth: namely Saw Palmetto Extract and Ginseng Extract. It is a natural and straightforward approach when it comes to male baldness. Among online shoppers, visible results are noticeable in 2-4 months of regular use!

Celebrities like Alex Calleja have also sworn to the product’s effectiveness in stimulating their scalp for hair regrowth. Watch this Youtuber’s honest testimonial.

Hair loss? May pag-asa pa yan, ‘pre! Medic Hair For Men is available at Shopee Mall, LazMall and nutriplus.com.ph for P1,790 per bottle, good for one to two months of regular use! Medic Hair is also available on Amazon for US shoppers.