PBBM seeks member-countries’ support in PHL’s bid for UN Security Council seat

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Wednesday sought the support of United Nations (UN) member-countries for the Philippines’s bid to regain its non-permanent seat in the Security Council.

“I appeal for the valuable support of all UN member-states for the Philippines’s candidature to the Security Council for the term of 2027-2028,” Marcos said.

He explained the country is ready to bring its experience to the council of successfully brokering a peace agreement with Islamic rebels, which led to the creation of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

“The peace that we have forged after many decades of conflict among warring factions and clansmen demonstrates that unity is possible even in the most trying circumstances,” Marcos said.

He noted the country was able to succeed in the said endeavor through inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders. The strategy, he said, makes use of building partnerships with its neighboring countries in the Asean.

Accountable security council

IN his speech, Marcos stressed the important role of the UN in resolving international conflicts by creating conditions to allow countries to “thrive in peace.”

Prohibiting nuclear weapons worldwide, he said, is a step towards creating such peaceful conditions.

“We need the United Nations to continue to work. And we, the Philippines, are determined to be part of that solution,” Marcos said.

Marcos is pushing for a “more inclusive Security Council,” which can be held accountable by an empowered General Assembly.

The UN Security Council is composed of 15 member-countries. Of which, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States are permanent members and have the power to veto the body’s resolutions.

The remaining 10 other members are elected by the UN General Assembly with each having a two-year term.

Currently, the 10 non-permanent members of the UN Security Council are Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates.

Philippines has previously become a non-permanent member of the council in 1957, 1963, 1980 to 1981 and 2004 to 2005.

Image credits: AP/Jason DeCrow