The Auhana: Boracay’s hidden gem

It’s rare to find a true gem in a sea of blue. But this is exactly what we discovered when we arrived at the sparkling blue waters of Boracay: A sprawling 7 hectares of a premier beachfront resort, now welcoming couples and families alike in Boracay’s Station 3.

Auhana is pronounced as ohana, a Hawaiian word meaning family. That is exactly how I felt when we were welcomed to the resort. It was like being in Hawaii again, and with family. We were welcomed with leis when we arrived at the jetty in Bolabog beach and once again when we were entering the expansive lobby of the hotel. The resort opened in 2019 and with 500 luxurious rooms, suites, and villas to choose from, I would recommend the resort to anyone who wants to try something new in the island. Everything is luxurious, classy, and new.

Have a romantic dinner for two by the sea. Rest and relax in a beachfront sea view suite.

Their welcome drink is pandan with lemongrass which tasted like something you should pay for in a restaurant. That, plus a plentiful serving of “turon,” a dessert made with bananas which are harvested within the resort. They also provided hot towels for us to freshen up. This treat is truly one of a kind. What a nice touch for welcoming guests to the island.

The resident manager, Hanil Salcedo, and her staff welcomed us with open arms and smiling faces. We knew instantly that this was going to be a great trip.

It is always a treat to meet and know the staff of a hotel or resort that I am visiting. These people are the backbone of the community and the tourism industry. Ms. Hanil is definitely hands-on with everything and I appreciate the personal touch to our Auhana experience.

A romantic dinner

On our first night, we had a romantic dinner set-up overlooking the ocean. We were serenaded by an acoustic singer, and later, we marveled at the fiery performance of the fire dancers, some of whom were also employed at the resort.

We had a full course meal of salmon and steak, and a choice of white or red wine. Everything they served was plentiful and flavorful. This was truly a great finish for our first day in Boracay.

When we returned to our room to retire for the night, we were pleasantly surprised when housekeeping left a chocolate treat after they made up the room. It also included a simple note of thanks. That made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Breakfast at The Porch

The sun and views of the beach welcomed us the next day as we were having breakfast. A platter of fruits, pieces of bread, and croissants was served along with our plates filled with eggs, sausages, bacon, and hash browns. This is definitely an excellent way to fuel up for the day.

We had a nice walk along Station 3’s white beach after our morning meal. It was nice to see everyone just enjoying the early rays of the sun while getting their feet wet by the shoreline.

Going around Auhana’s property, we were amazed to see how much they offer to adults and children alike. They have a Kids Club, Kids Courtyard, Games Room, and Kids Tiki Hut Pool: all great for fun and learning.

Auhana’s awesome staff led by Resident Manager Hanil Salcedo (3rd from left).

The adults can catch up with their workouts with state-of-the-art equipment at the gym. There is also a billiard and ping-pong table in the game room.

We also had a great time catching up with our movie-watching in Auhana’s theater. We planned to go out of the resort on this day but decided to just stay and enjoy the complete amenities.

Lunch was served at the Lobby overlooking the resort’s pool and the white beach. Their signature cocktail drink, the Red Auhana, did not disappoint.

The Auhana signature massage

Having a healing massage at the spa cabanas by the beach is heaven. As the sun went down, the spa service was the perfect time to relax and prepare for dinner. A hot cup of tea was served from a ceramic teapot right after the session.

Boodle fight by the beach

The Auhana also offers boodle fights for dinner along the cabanas by the beach. On our last night in Boracay, we had a surf ‘n’ turf banquet experience with our own butler always present to assist. Rodel, the acoustic singer from our romantic dinner the night before, is also present to serenade us once again. With a smile on my face as I savor each bite, I can honestly say that this dinner is hard to forget.

We shall return

A lot of hotels and resorts provide great customer service but the Auhana style is more personal. I really felt that I was home and a part of the family. It was great to know the staff by their first names. We are looking forward to exploring more of Boracay, the Auhana style. Mahalo!

Image credits: Ardee P. de los Angeles