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The goal of most meetups is for everyone to walk away learning one new concept, idea, idea, or person. The “Top 9” aims to help those who organize monthly meetups by freely sharing slides and materials. It’s an easy way to share relevant information and topics within a group without organizers and volunteers investing time to research and create the slides themselves.

Over the coming months our library will grow. We encourage companies, individuals, and meetup groups to create and share them and we will add them to this list. We only ask that they be (1) non-commercial (ad free, similar in spirit to WordCamp presentations and meetup talks) (2) GPL or open licensed (3) Follow a “top X” format, preferably nine things, and limited to about a dozen slides (see below for examples).

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Note: We will have a Github repo but honestly most meetup organizers aren’t familiar enough with it to warrant it being a priority until we get a good list going.