An unwelcome surprise? Cluster flies torment New Zealand residents

New Zealand seems to have been witnessing a different kind of an issue this wet summer.   

Although farmers are joyous due to a good season but residents are facing a hard time in dealing with cluster flies.   

From destroying vacuum cleaners to other issues, these flies have been wreaking havoc in the Canterbury and Wairarapa regions of the country, said media reports.  

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These flies are larger and more sluggish than a common housefly. They do not pose a risk to human health but have been tormenting people by giving an unwelcome surprise to house owners.  

“At times, it was so disheartening when you vacuum in the morning and by the evening, they are back again. You feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Once or twice, I felt quite depressed about it all. I thought ‘Oh my God, will it ever end?’” Lisa Urbani told the Guardian.  

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A homeowner, who was living in Masterton told a media outlet in New Zealand, Stuff, that this year seems to be the worst with respect to the number of cluster flies present in the area. The person has been living in the area for 20 years.   

These flies have surely brought good news for pest control companies as they have become high in demand.   

“They’re so clever. They’re so sneaky. They hang out in summer time just doing their fly thing. Then when it cools down, they come inside and give off a sweet, meaty smelling pheromone, so they [other flies] know it’s somewhere safe to hibernate for the winter. In the springtime, they leave the building and mate, laying their eggs in the soil. Then they hatch and hang out and have a lovely summer, and it all happens again,” Patricia Hilton of Allpest Pest Management in Central Otago told the outlet.  


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