Morning news brief: Chinese rocket debris falls into Indian Ocean, Biden gets Covid again and more

Days after recovering from COVID-19, US President Joe Biden has contracted the virus again and has returned to isolation. Presidential physician Kevin O’Connor attributed Biden’s condition to case of ‘rebound’ positivity’.

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Days after recovery, US President Joe Biden contracts Covid disease again

The 79-year-old leader “tested positive late Saturday morning, by antigen testing,” following four consecutive days of negative tests, and “will reinitiate strict isolation procedures,” O’Connor said.

Debris from Chinese rocket crashes into Indian Ocean

According to US space command officials, the debris of the Chinese rocket Long March 5B “re-entered over the Indian Ocean” on Saturday. “We refer you to the PRC for further details on the reentry’s technical aspects such as potential debris dispersal+ impact location,” the US space command said on its Twitter handle.

Zelensky orders civilians to evacuate from Donetsk region amid Russian attacks

Ukraine requested Red Cross and the UN to help gain access to its soldiers as Russia continues to pound the eastern region. President Vladimir Putin’s forces have concentrated their attack in the eastern region in the past few months leading to large scale fighting in the region.

China warns against Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

Reports: Chinese President Xi Jinping be given the formal title of ‘People’s Leader’