Ukraine: Nuclear warning as Putin strikes at plant ‘endanger entire civilised world’

The head of Amnesty International Ukraine Oksana Pokalchuk has resigned following the release of a report by the NGO that accused Ukrainian soldiers of putting civilians at risk.

The report said that Ukrainian forces were endangering civilians by positioning themselves in residential areas.

She wrote in a statement: “We, on the part of the Ukrainian office, constantly emphasized that the press release that the organization issued on August 4 should have at least investigated two sides and taken into account the position of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.”

She added: “As a result, without wanting it, the organization created material that sounded like support for Russian narratives. Seeking to protect civilians, this research instead became a tool of Russian propaganda.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky also slammed the report for “immoral selectivity” that portrayed the victim and the aggressor in the same way.

Hundreds of pro-Ukrainian social media users stormed the internet to post videos of Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

This led Amnesty International’s secretary general, Agnès Callamard to decribe the outcry as being committed by “social media mobs and trolls”.

Ms Callamard wrote in a tweet: “This is called war propaganda, disinformation, misinformation. This won’t dent our impartiality and won’t change the facts.”

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba hit back accusing Ms Callamard of calling him a “troll”.

He said: “Apparently @amnestySG calls me a ‘mob’ and a ‘troll’, but this won’t stop me from saying that its report distorts reality, draws false moral equivalence between the aggressor and the victim, and boosts Russia’s disinformation efforts. This is fake ‘neutrality’, not truthfulness.”