Boutique real estate firm boldly launches 1 unit, 1 floor concept

New real estate company Mosaic Realty & Development Corporation (MRDC) builds its maiden project, The Silhouette, at the heart of San Juan City.

The 19-storey residential landmark located at Luna Mencias St, San Juan City, is a tranquil setting in the heart of a residential enclave just a stone’s throw away from a wide range of essentials and commercial establishments. An ideal point for those who are building families in close proximity to essential amenities.

Unlike big real estate companies, MRDC has an in-depth understanding of what exclusive and premium mean to the new generation. Priding themselves as a boutique property developer, Jillian Sze, CEO and co-founder of MRDC, notes that their company is composed of young, innovative talent that have been exposed to new information and new experiences that make them distinctly well-equipped to cater to a market that mirrors their experiences and lifestyles. Yet, they are no less driven than their seasoned competitors.

As they make their way into the real estate scene, Ms. Sze says, “A boutique developer at the end of the day goes for quality over quantity. For a property developer like us, there’s this certain lifestyle of exclusivity that sets our target audience apart.” Truly, The Silhouette offers bespoke features that residents can appreciate.

Future homeowners would take pleasure in MRDC’s 1 unit, 1 floor concept that provides these unique features: Each floor has a total area of 270+ sqm that is exclusive to each unit owner and where one can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city while inside the  premium space. There are also  2 – 3 parking slots for vehicle/s which adds mobility through traffic in the Metro as well as 2 elevators with a unique discreet service to each unit. To keep up with the discerning owner’s active lifestyle, The Silhouette also features 2 floors of amenities for leisure and recreation, spacious function rooms, and various lounges. All these amenities plus a luxurious lobby area designed to please the senses and welcome the owner into their exclusive abode.

For more information about Mosaic Realty & Development Corporation and The Silhouette, follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram or call 09173070371. You can also email or visit their website