WATCH: Flock of pigeons invades field at Acrisure Stadium during Saints-Steelers game

Getty Images

Acrisure Stadium had some surprising spectators during Sunday’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers. In the first half of Sunday’s contest, a flock of pigeons landed near midfield and could be seen hanging out for several minutes.

Quarterback Kenny Pickett was leading the Steelers’ offense down the field just yards away, but that didn’t seem to bother the pigeons too much.

As crazy of a scene as it was, this wasn’t the first time pigeons were seen hanging out around Acrisure Stadium. During the Steelers’ game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6, a flock of pigeons landed on the field at Acrisure Stadium while the Buccaneers were on offense.

There were also a few lone pigeons that were hovering around the end zone when the Buccaneers were close by. In fact, on one play in the first half, it looked like Tom Brady was going to hit Cameron Brate for a touchdown, but Brate may have been distracted by a flying pigeon in the end zone.

Pigeons were also spotted at a University of Pittsburgh football game against Virginia Tech on Oct. 8 at Acrisure Stadium. 

Jonathan Rice, who is the urban bird conversation coordinator for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review last month that pigeons “associated food with humans,” so they are comfortable being around people.

The pigeons may be a good luck charm for the Steelers as they defeated the Buccaneers 20-18 in Week 6.